Fragrance Oil Scent Descriptions

ALMOND: intense almond with a hint of cherry essence

AMBER: warm, sweet, exotic and woody. Blends well with sandlewood and patchouli.

AMBERGRIS: a musk replica with a powdery edge that is soft and sensuous used for decades in famous perfumes

ANAIS ANAIS: our version of this feminine designer fragrance

ANGEL: we love this yummy duplication of Angel with it's complex blend of vanilla, cocoa, and hazelnut essences...heavenly!

BEAUTIFUL: A new classic copy of this hit perfume

BERGAMOT: a citrus essential oil with a slight floral edge

CACTUS BLOSSOM: a sweet floral desert scent that is both mysterious yet familiar

CEDARWOOD: a deep real wood smell that takes only a smidge

CHANEL # 5: oldie but goodie our version will take you back

CHINA MUSK: our most popular musk since 1982 that is lasting. a perfect unisex fragrance

CHINA RAIN: a clean floral and musk combo that often ranks as our number one scent which is a pretty feminine favorite.

CINNAMON: strong and rich cinnamon, take caution with sensitive skin. Great in your aroma burner.

CITRONELLA: shoe fly don't bother me. Pure citronella essential oil is used in many ways to discourage insects that bother people and pets.

CK ONE: our most popular Calvin copy

CLARY SAGE: an earthy herbal that's somewhat fruity. Might be good for hot flashes

CLOVE: a beauitful deep spice

COCONUT: can you say palm tree?

CUCUMBER: cool and freshing that's sweet and green. Caution addictive

DESERT MUSK: a powdery musk that's clean and inviting

DRAKKAR: mostly for men but our version tempts the women as well

EGYPTIAN MUSK: from the land of the Nile A great all purpose musk fit for Egyptian royalty.

ETERNITY: our version of this is still popular and will turn heads

EUCALYPTUS: can't breathe? This will open your sinuses. Woody and earthy and very strong.

FRANGIPANI: a Hawaiian floral with powdery qualities.

FRANKINCENSE: since ancient times and a precious gift. Balsamic with a woody spice aroma

FRESSIA: a fresh and crisp floral

FRENCH VANILLA: creamy vanilla not like the extract

GARDENIA: just like the fresh blossoms, intoxicating

GINGER LIME: a zippy scent with a clean sparkle

GRAPEFRUIT: wake me up pink grapefruit

GREEN TEA: exotic light oriental fragrance

HONEYSUCKLE: a sweet fragrance that reminds you of clean little girls in pajamas

JASMINE: a true jasmine floral fragrance

LAVENDER: an herbal floral with powerful properties. Relax, unwind and get calm. A great sleep aid with a couple of drops near your pillow.

LEMON: makes your mouthwater not pucker.

LEMONGRASS: a strong lemony earth scent that insects don't care for.

LILAC: A spring favorite flower. A little sweet.

LIME: this key lime is energizing and refreshing.

LITE MUSK: a classic musk to blend or lovely on it's own.

LIZ CLAIBORNE: when you want to wear a grown up fragrance for that that evening out, our rendition does it well.

MANGO: tropical and sweet but not too sweet. Can't get enough of this one if you get hooked.

MOUNTAIN BREEZE: after the rain it blows clean and fragrant across the foothills of the desert valley.

MUGUET: a french lily of the valley. Clean and not too sweet. Very popular among even those not fond of floral oils.

MYRRH: deep, dark, balsamic and rich. Brought by the kings.

NAG CHAMPA: woods and florals combine in this Asian prized combo. Yes exactly like the incense of India. Nothing else like it.

NATURE SCENT: a very light clean musk, barely there.

NEROLI: said to cheer you up with it's citrus blossom exotic lift.

NEW WEST: A modern fragrance copy that goes with jeans nicely

OBSESSION: this sexy fragrance for women has been a best seller for a long time.

OCEAN: a creamy smooth scent of the ocean that is absolutely wonderful. Everyone seems taken by this one.

OPIUM: not from the middle eastern dens but from the designer duplication collection. Spicy and exotic, deep and rich.

ORANGE: simple. plain but a toast to Arizona.

PATCHOULI: the Indonesian fragrance that was scarce a few years ago. The crops are good again and this oil, famous for it deep pungence is a very good quality. You love patchouli or you don't.

PEACH: juicey and delightful is popular in spring and summer.

PEPPERMINT: it is said to be an energizer, headache reliever, and appetite suppressant. This old time mint smells wonderful too.

PINA COLADA: a friuty mouthwatering scent that always makes you smile and look for a beach. Give some to your favorite beach bum.

FOREST PINE: an especially beautiful fir/pine scent.

PINK SUGAR: cotton candy fragrance you have to have even if you are not a sweet or vanilla person. It's that good!

PLUMERIA: a clean Hawaiian floral that you'll like for a long time.

POLO: a nice designer type for men, rich and spicy sweet.

PRICKLY PEAR: this is the safe way to enjoy this desert beauty that is sweet but not boring.

RAIN: our blend that captures clean, green and blossoms.

RASPBERRY: juicy, sweet and tart. A red raspberry that doesn't disappoint.

RED CURRANT: rich, tangy, and exotic fruit of European descent.

RELAXATION BLEND: to take you down a notch from a crazy day.

ROMANCE BLEND: a very popular sexy fragrance that's a little bit floral, a little bit spicy and a little bit country.

ROSE: pink or red but not commercial makes this popular for rose aficionados.

ROSEMARY: a pungent herbal scent that is warm and earthy.

SAGE BRUSH: wild desert shrub used for clearing. Pungent and earthy. Nice choice for men.

SANDALWOOD: precious soft wood scent that is warm and romantic. A unisex fragrance that blends well with other earthy scents, florals and vanillas.

SEDONA MIST: soft and fresh like after a gentle rain in the red rocks. Liked by most everyone and a very popular clean scent.

SHALIMAR: a royal version of a classic designer perfume.

STRAWBERRY: luscious and sweet for the fruit lover.

SWEET CLOVER: the smell of grass and clover.

SWEET PEA: aroma of petite soft flowers makes one feel dainty and delicate.

TANGERINE: a rich mandarin tangerine that's sensuous. The smell of the spa.

TEA ROSE: soft and clean roses at their best.

TOMMY: our copy of this young hip fragrance.

TOMMY GIRL: try this version of this girlie girl fragrance.

VANILLA BEAN: king of vanillas, deep and rich.

WHITE GINGER: tropical Hawaiian flowers that make very fragrant and special leis. Unforgettable.

WHITE SHOULDERS: well know designer fragrance evokes memories for many.

WHITE TEA: think Origins type. White tea that is clean with a hint of citrus.

YLANG YLANG: an exotic essential oil where each batch is a little different.

YSATIS: another designer favorite for dressing up.